Mediating Conflict in the Workplace

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------------------------------------------------- Mediating conflict in the workplace In this essay I will examine and describe the strategies for resolving a conflict in the workplace. This essay will also clarify that resolving particular issues of conflict occasionally requires a third person a mediator, who may be effective in resolving the conflict and discover a suitable solution to the conflict that all parties involved could agree upon. Good communication and organizational structure is the principal function that assists in the prevention of conflicts between many individuals. (Holvorson, 2010) In eliminating conflicts between colleagues in the workplace one must: 1. Address the conflict early. 2. Avoid a one-sided solution to the issue. 3. Take the risk. 4. Respect others’ peace-making gestures. The two employees have a conflict as to who is responsible for maintaining the kitchen area, ordering products, and delivering instructions to the kitchen area employees of the restaurant. When mediating a conflict between colleagues in the workplace one must: 1. Decide to mediate- an individual must determine if a third-party is necessary to assist in the resolution of the conflict. As I determine whether or not to mediate between colleagues in the workplace on their conflict, I remind the colleagues that I have opinion regarding the conflict between them. In addition, I am only there as a mediator for them to express their opinions concerning the conflict. 2. Hold preliminary meetings- this allows the mediator to hear each individual’s description of the complaint and explain your role as an impartial participant. Once the preliminary meetings have been established for me to understand each of the employee’s desire for resolution of the conflict and what the conflicts actually are between both employees. I then look

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