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Media Violence Essay

  • Submitted by: Mrsshellman
  • on August 25, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Violence in Media
Katy Brice
PHI103 Informal Logic
Jeffery Porter
June 16, 2014

Does Media Violence Promote Violent Behavior by Phillip Keith Wiley III is an article about the affects of watching too much violence on television/video games could be to children.   The issue of this article is stated in form of a question, “Is media violence creating more violence for our youth, or is it something that is just merely artistic expression and a way to reduce powerlessness within their minds?”The conclusion to this article in summary; Parents should be mindful of the things their children are viewing. Having a healthy balance of everything children consume will help establish self understanding. This article has several premises that support both sides of this argument. The authors research states, “some believe that violent media is promoting violent behavior; though, others believe that violence from people-children-does not come from anything symbolic, but most likely through life and hardships.” I believe this argument is a deductive, valid, sound argument. The article has some logical fallacies, the first one I noticed was scapegoating: “School shootings that have taken place in some of our high schools and colleges could have been prevented by less entertainment violence. This argument has no proof so it is not valid. Slippery slope fallacy: “If by parents providing structure within their home creates problems, those very problems will then be strewn much further then the home.” False Dilemma: “Violent entertainment is showing younger generations a way to handle social conflict.”   The conclusion of this article is supported and necessary according to the premises given. I agree with many points in this article, I believe that if children watch too much violence they will prone to mimic what they see. If a healthy balance is established in the home children will understand the difference in entertainment and reality....

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