Media Violence Essay

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Media Violence Media Violence was a very effectively written paper. It pointed out many points and was not biased at all. Media violence can be a real problem in today’s world. Jones uses his own personal experience in life and how violence in the media can be a good thing if you let it be. He found that violence in the media can bring you to new friends, defeat any fears one might have, and do more good than wrong. Many critics only look at the negative effects of media violence and never take the time to see if it does have some positive effect on people. Their findings are very biased and unfair. Unlike the critics Jones has many sources he has read and compared. He takes his findings and applies them to his own life in a non-biased way. “I’m not going to argue that violent entertainment is harmless. I think it has helped inspire some people to real-life violence. I am going to argue that it’s helped hundreds of people for everyone its hurt, and it can help far more if we learn to use it well.” (Jones, par. 14) In Jones first argument he introduces the Incredible Hulk as one of his childhood memories. He explains the Hulk as “over gendered and under socialized, half-naked and half-witted, raging against a frightened world that misunderstood and persecuted him.” (Jones, par. 2) The Hulk is a very good example of media violence and how it targets kids. It is nothing but a fantasy though and in no way promotes kids to be violent. Jones shows how the Hulk followed him to new friends and when he was older influenced him to his own action movies and comic books. Jones does an excellent job of showing his own experience with media violence and his own personal observation of his son and media violence. He relates how his son was afraid of climbing trees but after watching Tarzan his son had the courage to climb a tree. This relation perfectly displays the positive

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