Media Studies Target Audience Essay

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Target audience My film is targeted at young adults, ages 15-19. This is a good audience to aim at because I can relate to it as I am a teenager too and they are a large proportion of age group which go to see the latest movie at cinemas. Age is a factor because my film revolves around 4, 17-18 year olds and highlights some of the stereotypes which are often associated with teenagers, however this group of boys are different and strive to become stereotypes to fit in. Also, since they are 17 they are nearly adults and still trying new things, which creates humour throughout this film when they are posed with adult situations. As my film is about 4 teenagers that go on holiday and have the time of their lives, well so they think. The key aspects that my film involves are that it plays on the teenage mentality of sex, dysfunctional relationships with parents and siblings which again creates humour. Teenage comedy films are very popular to young audiences as they use day to day life which relates to a lot of teenagers, and as this is a comedy they can get away with serious subjects, which you can’t get normally. My film uses different aspects that people can relate to, like how superficial teenage friendships can be, how one minute they’re friends and the next they’re not. And how they don’t think ahead and it’s all about making mistakes and getting past them. I am aiming at boys, as all of the 4 main characters in my film are male. So many of the male audience that will see the film can relate to it, and can laugh about it. Sometimes when you bring humour into a difficult subject it’s easier to face than when it is too intense. I wanted to show how the male race is very diverse and dominant, and to show how they see females, mostly as sex objects and this is a main theme which runs throughout my film which creates humour as well as excitement. The reason why I

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