Media Strategies Essay

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The contexts of communication used in this video are, public communication since a small number of people (the panel) address a larger group of people (the audience). Mass communication is also present since a small number of people (the panel) send messages to a large, anonymous, and usually heterogeneous audience through the use of specialized communication media.( the video). Additionally, group communication occurs as three or more people interact, in an attempt to achieve commonly recognized goals. Both visual and verbal communications are used in the video, since there are visual display of information, such as photography, signs, symbols and designs. Hip Hop Vs America is an example of an electronic form of visual communication. With respect to verbal communication, sounds, words, language and speaking were all employed in this video as well. In a world that consistently undervalues women in general and black women in particular, male -dominated hip-hop has a bizarre love/hate relationship with sexually attractive women. Both black males and black females tend to be equally complicit in the exploitation of females in hip hop, more often than not as a direct response to label and market pressures that underline the consumer status quo. In a culture still so deeply patriarchal, what chance do they have to think outside the dominant ideology? The fact is, as long as black people continue the trend of selling their culture whole-sale so that a few of us can prosper from them, then we should not be surprised at the end result. However, I believe that the critique of the industries sexual politics seems to me ultra-conservative and outdated. Indeed, what bothers me more in hip hop is not the representation of black women as much as the virtual exclusion of black female emcees that would help bring a balance to those images, but why these women are automatically
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