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Everyday in one form or another we come into contact with media either through newspaper, magazines, TV advertising, radio etc. Media is used for many different things; to get information over to people, to sell a product or get a point across. Media can also be the cause for lifestyle changes, diets and people changing there appearance for example a company advertises there product like a new hair product , The model that company uses may have a popular look therefore women strive to look like that. However like many things media has its downside, people may lie to sell something e.g. saying a product does something when it doesn’t. Car adverts appeal too many different people as there are more people on the roads than ever. Different car companies are constantly trying to top each over and come up with a piece of advertising that is catchy and easy to remember , sometimes with many adverts people don’t notice this is happening but we think about it subconsciously. For example I feel the Citroen C4 “Transformer on skates” advert was made at the time (2nd august 2006) because of the rumours and crave for the new transformer movie that was later to be released. The advert is set in a deserted car park, and begins with a silver transformer style robot doing warm up exercises against a car park pay and display information board. The robot does several different warm up exercises before it suddenly transforms and turns into a Citroen C4 and land in a parking space. Then we get a funky style robotic music start playing from its stereo. Suddenly the Citroen C4 transforms again into a Robot and does a series of groovy and funky dance moves that reminds me of break dancing, dancing along to the great funky beat of the electronic sounding music. He continues for about 2 minutes doing all different, very great effective dance moves, then suddenly that is it, and he transforms

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