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A Man who shot his wife dead and then boasted she got “three of the best bullets” has been found not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter on the grounds of mental impairment at the time of the killing. The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, shot his wife in the heart with a rifle at a property in the Taree area in July 2010 while their young daughter was at home. In the Supreme Court yesterday, Justice Michael Adams said the accused capability to control himself was “impaired by an abnormality of the mind arising from an underlying condition”. He referred to brain scans suggesting the man had emerging dementia and brain damage, which, with alcohol abuse and his medication, affected his mental state. These factors meant he lacks the “send to apply inhibitions a normal person would have”, Justice Adam said. The man believed his wife was unfaithful and was planning to restrict his access to their daughter. In an hour-long typle-0 call he made after the shooting, the man said he had shot his “missus” three times so she couldn’t “rob me no more”. Reading from the transcript, Justice Adams quoted the man telling the operator: “She got three of the best bullets I’ve ever seen in my life.” The court also heard, upon returning home, he told his neighbor: “I just shot her three times, have you got a beer for me?” A neighbor also said they heard a voice say, “If you want to be a smartarse, what do you think of that?” after gunshots echoed from across the street on the day of the shooting. Appearing via videolink from Long Bay prison, he then became agitated, grabbing the microphone and interjecting. The man received a special hearing because he was mentally unfit to plea and will be sentenced in early 2014. The type of criminal offence in the article mentioned is voluntary manslaughter The legal process mentioned in this

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