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Media Release For Immediate Release May.6, 2014 For More Information Clinton Paul 423-001-2007 hoonpm" Problems International Students Face In Adjusting to the United States Culture Adaptation is one of the fundamental characteristics of humans when people migrate, move or leave from one point to another they tend to blend with the meteor of the new state, but not all International Students adjust easily when they enter into the United States. Inference to the Statement above, adaptation is one of the most prominent characteristics that humans possess, it takes different ways and period of time for people to adjust to a new state, and this transition may have some effects on International students’. During the transition most International students become homesick and lonely. These signs are referred to as culture shock. Culture Shock is a sense of confusion and uncertainty sometimes with feelings of anxiety that may affect people exposed to an alien culture or environment without adequate preparation. The hardest stage of adaptation is when they travel far away from their families, love ones and as they are also deprived from things that they use to enjoy in their country. For example food and the participation of home based activities. Language Proficiency is another unfamiliar experience that some International Students find inconvenient. The inability not to speak the language of the host naturally makes them more reliable on their fellow countrymen for conversations this would make them feel socially isolated. International students are sometimes shy due to the different gestures and social skills they have. The only way to overcome this shyness is to observe and practice the gestures, and social skills Americans. Sometimes nonverbal communication is the hardest thing International

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