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Media Reaction Paper The article I have chosen is “Bits of information that shape — and distort — our thinking” (Romano, J. 2012). The article discusses two individuals that hatched bomb plots around the area of Tampa Florida and the difference between their portrayals within the media. The first would-be terrorist, Jared Michael Cano, was an average looking white male of 17 who had a short fuse and was expelled from Freedom High School a year before he was arrested. His bomb plot was squelched when the police were tipped off that he was going to bomb the high school on the first day of school. When his home was searched the police found bomb making materials, a manifesto detailing his intended actions, and drug paraphernalia. The second prospective bomber, Sami Osmakac, was a Kosovo born American citizen who had grown increasingly militant in his Muslim faith, had made several militant toward Christians and Jews, and intended to blow up Tampa landmarks as a result. He was arrested after attempting to purchase guns and explosives from an undercover FBI agent. The article goes on to state that, though the 2 men are both equally at fault for their actions, that the second gets more threatening play in the media because he is a Muslim. The author notes that the stereotype of Muslim equating to Terrorist has grown increasingly prevalent within the media. He then interviews Ahmed Bedier, a local Muslim figure who refers to Osmakac as a “lunatic” who “did not preach the Islam doctrine.” These details show me that, while there are Muslims who use their faith as a tool of hate and as reasoning for violence, the vast majority of Muslim Americans have been assimilated into the American culture. This article did touch lightly upon the diversity of the population in the United States, but focused more on American criminals and how, depending on the outward religious

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