Media Propagates Ruling Class Ideology Essay

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This essay will evaluate the statement that the mass media plays a key role in promoting ruling class ideology. This view will be assessed through the points of view of Marxists, pluralists, and neo-Marxists. Marxists supports the view that mass media has a major role in spreading the ideology of the ruling class. Karl Marx states that in every epoch, the ruling ideas are the ideas of the ruling class. Politically, the ruling class will set agendas and they try to impose these agendas onto the people. Louis Althusser first proposed the concept of ideological state apparatus, listing media as one of the apparatus used by the state to convey their ideology to the proletariats. Marxists like Blumler and Gurevitch claim that journalists and politicians depend on one another and adapt to one another. Politicians use journalists to persuade people to adopt a particular image of themselves, their party, and the agendas that they are trying to achieve. Journalists, in return, receive interviews, news, and the action that they covet. This form of relationship can be seen in Nicolas Sarkozy’s rapport with the French media. Sarkozy has a wide connection with powerful people in media, for example, Serge Dassault who is the owner of the right-wing daily, Le Figaro. After his presidency ended, the media portrayed him as much missed by the people, even though according to a poll, 55% of the French people do not miss him. His popularity with the media has an effect on the media portrayal of the Roma gypsies in Sarkozy’s campaign for their expulsion. The Roma gypsies are portrayed in a negative light with words such as ‘illegal’ and ‘unwanted’ and the campaign itself is described as Sarkozy waging a ‘war’ against them. The French media’s presentation of the Roma gypsies shows that media, through their relationship with the ruling class, helps spread the agendas of the state.

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