Media Literate in the 21st Century

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Why is it important to be media literate in the 21st century? The 21st century is focused on new and upcoming technology, anywhere from social networks to NASA engineering, but why is being media literate so important in this day in age? Just like the printing press brought about new advances and new consequences, so do new technological features of the media. In the 1400’s, people adjusted by becoming literate, today we must adapt by being media literate. It is incredibly important that we keep ourselves, our children, and our society media literate in order to be successful not only in this century but for centuries to come. What does being media literate actually mean? Media literate is having “an understanding of the mass communication process through the development of critical thinking tools – description, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, engagement – that enable a person to become more engaged as a citizen and more discerning as a consumer of mass media products” (Campbell). Is becoming media literate that important to our society? Yes, just as any other subject in this world there are positives and negatives but when it comes to media literacy the positives out way the negatives immensely. Being media literate in the 21st century builds a foundation for a person to become successful. Understanding how media and technology works not only helps students in school but also helps our society in the job market. When it comes to technology in school the first question that is raised if letting students should have access to their cellphones during class but in return they won’t pay attention to the lesson being taught. This is one of the biggest debates surrounding middle and high school students but this problem doesn’t out way the fact that students being media literate is actually helping them succeed in the future. Yes having cell phones in the

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