Media Has Lost Its Credibility

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The media today is a reflection of how society has evolved. Just as man is humble, he is deceitful. In other words, there is uncertainty in the air when one discusses the media's credibility. Society lives by preferences and what one chooses to believe in cannot be eliminated once it is tattooed in one's mind. Yet, what one does not want to acknowledge can be a hindrance to one's development. Undoubtedly, the media crafts society's mindset towards issues and that can either make or break us. Therefore, when such an important factor of our lives is in question, we must carefully observe the intricate web of ambiguity surrounding the media. Firstly, society has to realize the overwhelming dependence it has on the media. We are surrounded by opinions, views and mindsets and we have to question reliability when choosing a particular source of information. It is well known that certain sources are biased towards what they publish or convey to the public. Therefore, we must learn to take things with a pinch of salt. Sources such as the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) are often thought to be reliable. However, the recent controversy involving the suicide of a man due to BBC's accidental leak on the war in Iraq leaves us to wonder if the mass media really has lost all credibility. The media is constantly expanding. In comparison to what it was ten years ago, the media has progressed, thanks to the flourish in scientific and technological developments. Newspapers, magazines, television programmes, radio channels and now the World Wide Web are all effective mediums of spreading the word. The wide coverage provided by the media has attracted the advertising industry. What with the constant thirst for knowledge and hunger for power, society's interest in information has escalated over the years. Realizing the potential society has to offer, the advertising industry
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