Media Critique On "never Back Down"

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Cecilia Pech March 8, 2011 Adolescent Psychology Media Critique The film selected is Never Back Down by Jeff Wadlow. The main character is Jake Tyler (Sean Faris) who has recently moved to Orlando, Florida with his family to support his younger brother’s professional tennis career. In his hometown, Jake was a star athlete on the football team. This is when Alfred Adler’s birth theory comes into practice. It could be seen that Jake’s mother was more interesting in the second child’s career therefore deciding to move to Orlando even though she knew Jake already had a set career or identity. In the first ten minutes of the movie, Jake is established as a walking cornhusk with a precarious emotional trigger. He is taunted on the field about his alcoholic father, recently killed in a car accident; Jake lashes out violently. He’s just mad at the world. According to Sigmund Freud, moral anxiety is when we feel when the threat comes not from the outer, physical world, but from the internalized social world of the superego. It is, in fact, just another word for feelings like shame and guilt and the fear of punishment. Freud’s theory can be linked with Jake’s feelings since he believes he could have stopped his father from driving, hence avoiding his death. Jake lives with the guilt of his father’s death. Jake’s feeling can also be related to Freud’s theory of the defence mechanism-turning against the self. This is a very special form of displacement, where the person becomes their own substitute target. It can be related to Jake’s hatred, anger and aggression rather than his positive impulse. Jake’s feelings of inferiority, guilt and depression can be explained by Freudian explanation. When Jake moves to Orlando, he discovers that everyone at his new high school knows of his swinging skills thanks to a video posted on the Internet. Because of this, Jake was

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