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Media Corruption Essay

  • Submitted by: JETHOM19
  • on September 24, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Media Corruption
Everyday society is affected and exposed the media without even realizing it. What once helped expand and grow our country, is now slowing eating away at the lining of what took lifetimes to create.   It seems as though violence, sex, and drug use have become commonplace in today’s media.   Innocent children are becoming victims of this new media oriented society. Television and other sources of entertainment such as video games, are overlooked because of their overwhelming ability to retain children’s attention. Countless mothers and fathers put their children in front of a television or video game so they can have time for themselves. As a result, the kids are subject to age inappropriate content at an unlimited supply.   I feel as though this content containing unnecessary amounts of violence, sex, and drug use has a great effect on the children’s lives. The youth of our society is inundated with degrading sources of information, images, and video.
The video game industry is one of the most powerful and rapidly growing industries of this generation. From young children to adults, everyone is playing and
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purchasing video gaming systems, games, and accessories. The scary part about this growing industry is that often the most sought after and commonly played games are violent and deal with some sort of killing. Games that should be played by mature adults are often purchased for kids simply because it is the latest and greatest.   Games like Grand Theft Auto and Halo (both very graphic and containing adult content) have waiting lists weeks long and lines outside the stores the night before they are released. Parents purchase games unaware and oblivious to what they are putting in front of their children, ironically just to make them happy. Children are too often unable to separate what is right and wrong when they are fed mixed messages. Playing violent video games has been proven to increase children’s violent behavior. Some schools...

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