Media Convergance Essay

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The term media convergence means, that the lines are getting blurred between the traditional forms of media and they are almost becoming into one. In other words, it is the tendency for different technological systems to evolve toward performing similar tasks. There are many different ways; that it affects everyday life. You have the newspapers, radios, televisions, and the internet, which is worldwide. These days the one that seems to be the most popular is the internet. The internet has taken over the mass media and will continue to improve itself, more and more as time goes by. The internet has many advantages but also has those few disadvantages that are mainly to the older generations. The advantages include receiving information quicker, email, entertainment websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkin, and MySpace, increased communication, networking, and the spread of information. The internet also has its disadvantages which include; the cost, its negative influence on people, especially teenagers, the internet makes it harder for us to sort out truth from lies, and the fact that it continues to provide ongoing information. Anything can be searched on the internet. From elementary school, using the internet to do math and reading problems, to where it was used to just do research, and now we carry it with us on laptops, smart phones, Ipads, and tablets. It has affected our daily lives by having people use the phones and text or browse the internet, while driving. This can cause you to get into an accident. It is against the law, yet people continue to do

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