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| German Expression & Film Noir | Task 1: INVESTIGATION | | Emily Merchant | 3/2/2012 | Research how media art is reflected in Film Noir. Discuss its stylistic codes and conventions and the context in which it arose. Use Specific examples of early recent films. | TASK Media Investigation 3A/B Introduction Film Noir, otherwise referred to as ‘dark film’ is a decadent genre with specialised dark conventions that explore the depth of humanity and the moral corruption found throughout society. Film Noir has had an extreme effect on the film industry since its starting date throughout the 1890’s, evidently with many of these characteristics and conventions being showcased in modern film. 1. Context/History of Film Noir 1.1 Art House Film and Media Art The value of entertainment in the film industry in modern society has changed drastically since the early stages of film itself with aspects of films such as Art House Films (The earliest stage of film production) criticised immensely due to its artistic features which contrasted with the entertainment element of Hollywood film, as media art found only appealing to a smaller audience. A crucial aspect of these smaller audiences is that they had to be critical viewers to comprehend the meaning and issue in these obscene films. Film critics (according to Wikipedia-Art House Film) define art house film as ‘using a cannon of films and those formal qualities that mark them as different from mainstream Hollywood films, which includes, among other elements’: * A social realism style * An emphasis on the authorial expressivity of the director * A focus on ones thoughts and dreams, rather than presenting a clear, goal driven story. Art house films are stereotypically show cased in local and national film festivals, for example ’Summer Film Festivals’ which are seen all over the world.
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