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Comic Life Coursework Evaluation The final part of your coursework is a 1600 word evaluation. The evaluation is worth the same number of marks as your production and therefore requires the same level of work. RESEARCH & PRE-PRODUCTION – 20% PRODUCTION – 40% EVALUATION – 40% These are the main points to consider when writing your evaluation: 1. An examination of the strengths and weaknesses of your comic life production. 2. A discussion of how your research (micro/macro study) influenced your comic life production. 3. A justification of how your comic life production reaches its target audience. Use the guidelines below to help you shape your response to each point. POINT 1: In this section you will consider the strengths and weaknesses of your comic and the decisions that you made. This isn’t as straightforward as it sounds! Do not simply write a description of what you did. What the examiner is looking for here is your understanding of how a media product is constructed to create meaning for the audience. Essentially you are considering how effective your comic is when compared to other real comics. What do you consider the strengths of your comic? This is your opportunity to draw attention to aspects of your comic that were entirely self generated such as photographs that you took, or aspects of design such as image manipulation in Photoshop. It is not simply a case of saying that you consider something to have been successful, you have to analyse why it is successful in terms of purpose, audience and comparison with the real thing. What do you consider the weaknesses of your comic? When compared with the real thing, if time, money and access to equipment weren’t issues how would you improve your comic? No matter how hard you have worked upon your comic there will be aspects that can be improved. Remember, the ability to be

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