Media Censorship In Canada

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| Does Canada Block Out To Much Information Out Of The Media? | Censorship in Canada The freedom of speech and expression can never be taken for granted; all over the world including Canada, books and other forms or media are banned at the border and are being removed from the bookshelves of schools and kept out of reach from society. The freedom to say what you want whether it be over the internet on social media or in a face-to-face conversation is constantly being attacked. Many things happen daily, but only few make headlines, and not all stories are told in full, but that go against the freedom to read and say what we want. This is where censorship comes into play, censorship is the denial of freedom of speech or freedom of…show more content…
With new information being produced in today’s world we begin to create an ignorant society because no one gets the full truth, but society should have the right to pick what they want to see as well as gain more information on. Without getting the full truth from the information we receive from the media, society becomes ignorant because our reactions toward various groups of people start to change, and individuals start to make assumptions about others. The main reasons the government claims to have censorship is for profanity and whether is appropriate or not, but we are taught from a young age right and wrong and if one feels that what they are about to see is inappropriate for them they should turn off the television or shut down whatever they are on. ‘if your parents don’t want you seeing pornography on the web, they can install software to block suck items’ (Widdowson, 1997) Many would agree with this statement because it is true, if a parents isn’t ready for their child to see certain thing they can put barriers to block that information, they do not higher power to feed them half full information because that is not any better, the children will just become more ignorant by the second. Secondly when it comes to crime because everything is censored the news is pretty one sided, because in today’s society when it comes to crimes the media mostly focus on minority groups. As a result of this tendency, there are now countless stories in the press and television news, and even in sitcoms and movies, about the barbaric cultures of people of colour. The emphasis is usually on specific rituals, rites, and of course, the abject status of women within these countries’. (Jiwani, n.d.) This reference from an article entitled racism and the media is very true, because although they
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