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Name: Ahson Khan PART 1 QUEISTION 1: Yes media is biased when approving relationships. It does not see all relationships with equality. A good example would be gay marriages or gay relationships. It is a common truth that media does not portray gay relationships as the equal to straight ones. Let’s just understand that media is a reflection of how people think about a certain point. If people have conflicting views than the media made by them would show conflicting views as well. The topic of gay relationships still has widely conflicting views all over the world. Therefore media shows them in conflicting ways as well. Some magazines, blogs, articles, movies, talk against them. Face book is crawling with gay haters. While others including movies like Brokeback Mountain show them as acceptable and good. As long as people continue to have different views about different relationships, media will as well. Question 2: Media defines them in various ways and forms. Generally though, media all over the world see these relations as good and as the best things of this life. You have movies, TV shows, stories in every culture and language revolving around these three relationships. You have TV shows like Bold and the Beautiful and many more based solely on the concepts of love, family and friendship. No matter what drama they show, transpires among the characters, they all fall or tend to fall in a happy ending. So is the case in countless movies, stories, books. Tragic stories are called tragic because they end in the end or an unfortunate demise of a loved one. Media has a singular view on these relations. Question 3: Media does not have a conflicting view, in general, about the rules of relationship. It is just a reflection of human traits and lifestyles. In summary you have to give back in a relationship to keep it going. One sided relationship does not work.
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