Media and Islam Essay

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The Media and its Representation of Islam and Muslim Women Student’s Name Institution Sairra Patel’s article The Media and its Representation of Islam and Muslim Women has explained the value system of exactly what the media have portrayed the Muslims to be. It has actually shown the exact feeling that most people from the Islam group could be feeling but are not able to express due to the already existing perception that the media has impacted in most people. According to the article, the Muslims are mainly represented as terrorists and they are mostly put in public holding weapons. Most of the pictures about Islam have been displayed as people of military and them that do not like peace with other people who are not from their religion. Sairra however has tried to defend the perception by saying that Islam is the most peaceful religion that people have never acknowledged their rules. She adds by saying that the meaning of Islam is peace and so this is enough evidence to show that Muslims are peaceful people. Further, she says that that the media has totally misinterpreted the religion and with negative attitude succeeded to confuse the whole world against Islam. On the other hand, she says that the media has also depicted the Muslim religion as a group of hooligans who are ready to oppress women. Additionally, the article has shown how much through the media most people have been brainwashed that Muslim women have no freedom and are only expected to submit to the oppressive laws. Moreover, she says that when a Muslim woman has chosen to cover her self, it is not that they have chosen to be oppressed or used as terrorists but as a sense of respect. She further adds by saying that the religion has a place for equality and above all, they are trying to eliminate any source of evil in the

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