Media And Attitudes Essay

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4. Media and Attitudes 4.1 The article explores issues that arise when media outlets in this case A Current Affair stereotype stories about the disabled to make them appear as a group of people we should fear. It also makes the point that people with disabilities and disability in general is often linked to undesirable ethical and social characteristics. In general during my media search I found that people with disabilities were seen in a good light. I understand what the article is saying as I too have watched a current affair programs and seen stories on what appears to be unruly kids who in fact happen to have some sort of intellectual disability. They are viewed as deviant and as such different from other children. In Australia I feel that the news for disability is quite positive while on the other hand overseas it is not the same. There is an article by the California Watch entitled “Minorities, students with disabilities suspended at higher rates”. This shows how if something is planted in the media, an idea or attitude, it can quickly catch on and therefore become what’s known as “common knowledge”. 4.2 People with disabilities are depicted in all media outlets. From fictional characters such as the school student on the television show Glee to real stories of people in newspapers and on television news. In general I feel that in Australia we view people with disabilities in a positive light. Of course there are times were people with disabilities are seen to be ‘victims’ either of crime or policy and this is an issue in which reinforces stereotypes that already exist within the community. I feel that disability in the media from what I have experienced is more from a social model standpoint. Sometimes this is not good however as the person is viewed based on their deviancy rather than their disability which might sometimes be the cause of their
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