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Introduction With the increase in the use of social media, there has been a change in the employment landscape. There is difficult to define social media. But there are some examples. Social media include blogs, microblogging, social networking sites and video sharing. The social media not only is an entertainment and social tool now. Employer starts to use social media to search the information about interviewee and employee. Employer uses this information to judge and assess the ability of them. This is a new trend to change the employment relationship and hiring process. In the following, I will use theories to analysis an article which is about this issue and analysis the media representation of the article. The content of the article I selected an article which come from Apple Daily. The topic of the article point out that 36% of employer will check interviewee’s Facebook during hiring process. The article base on one research finding that come from Husdon which is a company of human resource consultancy service. They publish the Hong Kong hiring status in 2015. They interview 243 employee and recruiting manager. They find that hiring process not only include interview and have a psychological test, 36% of recruiting manager will find job applicant’s information in social media and view this kind of information to another type of curriculum vitae that assess the job applicant. And approximate 70% of employee feel relieved when they face to their words and deeds in internet. A business division executive said that they used this information to understand the background of job applicant. There are some reminder which remind job applicant to advert the words and deeds in social media. The supervisor of the Hong Kong federation of youth groups has given some advice to job applicant. He said that job applicant should not reveal the company

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