Media Affect Public Opinion

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The media is an intricate part of American government, intertwined with the practice of democracy, but to what extent does the media influence public opinion? The media is America’s basic resource for all the news concerning American politics. Also, the opinion expressed by the press influences the opinion adopted by the public. Lastly the issues the media affect the public’s opinion of voting. The most basic way the media influences public opinion is by offering knowledge about government decisions and access to government information. The media sends messages across the nation. Without the media it would take the public longer to become educated about governmental proceedings. Before the advancement of such media as the television, radio, and the Internet, a much smaller percentage of Americans were informed about the issues concerning the nation. The press possesses the capability to create the impression that certain problems are of greater urgency than others. Those certain problems are usually about political strategy, political scandal and the private lives of politicians. These tend to overtake the less entertaining, but more substantial stories because the public is not interested in them and they do not make money for the news company. One of the most ironic ways the media influences public opinion is by presenting the candidates personality through the use of television and radio. For example, Could one honestly say that Abraham Lincoln might not be elected if he were running today. Lincoln was not a very attractive man and did not have a very refined voice. How would Lincoln have looked and sounded on television and radio? The public may be stubborn to admit it, but it is true; the nation judges possible candidates upon appearances and performances (mass media). Furthermore, the media can influence public opinion is through their ability to convey
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