(Media) Action Movie Analysis and Comparison (Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Bourne Identity)

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Bourne identity – action mystery thriller Raider of the lost ark – action adventure 1. The definition of an action film is one where the protagonist is put into many difficult situations where they must win or escape with extreme physical feats, fights and guns. In conventional action films they seem to follow a code of rules: guns girls and explosions. These films are known as ‘dumb’ action films while action films that make you think more where there are less of the conventions aforementioned. However all action films follow certain conventions such as having a romantic subplot where the protagonist falls in love with someone, there are always nearly weapons in an action film whether it be a gun or a bow an arrow, and most notably is the simple plot line of good against bad. Both Raiders and Bourne fit into the action genre due to their use of fast paced camera shots with close up of faces of characters helping to show emotion. When Indiana has to jump the gaping hole at the start it zooms in on his face to show desperation when pulling himself out. In Bourne there are close up multiple characters such as Alexander Conklin to show agitation and anger when talking to Bourne in the final scene explaining how he is a weapon of the USA. There are also establishing shots in the two films. In Bourne Identity there is an establishing shot right at the start of the film to show the boat as sea but also when the CIA call in agents each in different locations. In Raiders establishing shots are used to show the university and Cairo. Both films also seem to follow the generic explosions in action movies stereotype where in Bourne a car is blown up in the “we always work alone” scene. While in raiders there is the ‘explosion’ when the ark is opened. 2. Both Bourne identity and Raiders fit into the category of a conventional action film but are also quite

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