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The product selected for the critical analysis is Hydra sports drink Advertising has become an essential part of the corporate world and small business alike. Companies dedicate a considerable amount of their financial resources to their advertising budget. Media placement usually counts for the majority of the advertising budget. Analysing the advantages and disadvantages of media options: The advantages of television as an advertising medium include: Dynamic environment: Television has a strong impact created by the combination of sight and sound, and provides the opportunity to demonstrate the features and benefits of a product and service and how it can be used. The use of special effects can create excitement and grab the attention of the target audience. Reach: Television advertising can reach a large percentage of the population on either a national or regional level. Call to action: Television provides a ‘call to action’, compelling the viewer to do something. For example, ‘Ring in the next five minutes’, or ‘Go to our website’. Influence: Television has become an integral part of our culture. The majority of Australians use television as the primary source for news and entertainment. Cut through: Television is able to engage a viewer when they are not actively seeking information. Television viewers will passively process commercial messages while waiting for their television program to resume. By comparison, magazine and/or newspaper readers just turn the page to avoid an advertisement if they so choose. Disadvantages of television as an advertising medium include: Expense: The high cost of producing and airing television commercial excludes many organisations. While the cost per audience member can be low the overall cost of a television advertising campaign can be beyond the means of many small to medium sized organisations.
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