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Media One of the greatest achievements of the 20th century is the rise of global media and communication. The ongoing suffering of the Kosovo people can be seen on TV in Kathmandu or Lima, which was unthinkable in the 19th century. Radio, television and feature film media are about to become classic with the introduction of Internet and digital electronic media in the recent years. Now, one can get the information almost for everything such as; advertising, shopping, selling, banking, weather report, news, education, as well as personal communication in a single click of the mouse. Internet is thus eliminating the boarder between the mass media and personal communication. However, the globalization of media with domination of commercial materials in the global scale is weakening the public broadcasting systems. The global media and entertainment outlays are growing at a faster rate than GDP almost everywhere in the world and significantly faster in the Far East and Central Europe, according to Edward S. Herman and Robert W. McChesney (The Global Media, 1998). Against the global scenario of the media, one is confronted with a question: is this a healthy development? Looking back from the point of view of modern computer and digital age, t ge, the printing press invented in the fifteenth century was a breakthrough in human civilisation in promoting press and publication. The invention of radio and television in the first half of the twentieth century revolutionized the whole sphere of media market. Radio became a popular medium for mass communication in 1920s, and it still serves as powerful means of communication. Nonetheless, the Internet is becoming a gateway to reach and maintain the audience for all kinds of media. Evidence shows that people watch television 20 per cent less when they start using the Internet. Media critic Norman Solomon calls

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