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Synergy and platforms Lesson objectives and outcomes: • To evaluate and identify how media institutions use various types of media to promote programming. • Discuss and validate the success of synergy in media institutions. Revisiting last lesson BRAIN DRAIN: • Pooling our resources, what did we discover from watching the clips for h/w. • Lets create a working brainstorm Starter: YOU’RE gonna need a bigger boat • Chief Brody has to get a shark, a boy, and a bag of sweets across a river. • He has a rowboat, and it can only carry him and one other thing. • If the shark and the boy are left together, the shark will eat the boy. • If the boy and the sweets are left together, the boy will eat the sweets. • HOW CAN CHIEF BRODY GET EVERYTHING TO THE OTHER SIDE WITH NO BLOODSHED OR AT THE VERY LEAST A VERY, WITH NO BAD STOMACH ACHES??? The solution: • The man and the boy cross the river, (the shark and the sweets are safe together), he leaves the boy on the other side and goes back across. • The man then takes the shark across the river, and since he can't leave the shark and the boy together, he brings the boy back. • Again, since the boy and the sweets can't be left together, he leaves the boy and he takes the bag of sweets across and leaves it with the shark. • He then returns to pick up the boy and heads across the river one last time. The changing face of the media • 5o years ago we could only listen to or watch our media, largely on limited channels. • Today we can interact with it. For Instance, using the red button, phone- in’s, social networking to feedback on a debate or simply to purchase a text we like. • Programmes have become dependent on the rise of media, especially E- Media. For example… For your case study, you will have to analyse how an area of the media uses all three platforms • Have a look at the sheet in
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