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In today’s modern world the media acts as a major influence. The media is generally made up of television companies, news companies such as CNN, the government in some respects, and pop culture. The media provides the public with information regarding current events however the media tends to submerge the information given and thus manipulates the public. Through false television portrayal, biased news coverage, erroneous stereotypes, and the submersion of information, the manipulation of the media is beyond belief. First off, everyone makes mistakes. The media has its fair share of these yet many of these misrepresentations are not merely innocent mistakes but falsely revealed information. Their selectivity is highly questionable. The Humanist states, “the press has to be selective, but what principle of selectivity is involved? (p5)” Television is a substantial part of modern life. Between one’s favorite TV shows, there are the annoying commercials that have no impact on one whatsoever. Or do they? Why is it that commercials spend 25 seconds informing the viewer of how amazing their product is and the last five seconds explaining the problems, side effects, or difficulties one might face with the product? Medical advertisements manipulate in countless ways. The first statement the ad makes is that, “its flu season, so make a stop at your local pharmacy.” Its not really flu season, but the media makes it so. Ask yourself, is it really the alcohol that gets your attention, or the atmosphere that is promoting it? The media creates stereotypes despite their efforts to not do so. Often times, the media determines whether or not the subject at hand is a positive or negative label. When the public is told that there has been someone killed by a drunk driver, their accusation quickly point towards teenager. This is a stereotype manipulated by the media. Does it mean
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