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Week without Media Before I do take on this extreme challenge of my life, I would like to talk about media. I know lots of people that have varieties of media in their homes, and so do I. In my home, I have lots of media, but I’ll try my best to list them all. In the living room, there’s a TV, an XBOX 360, and a Wii. In my room, there’s a laptop, a phone, and an iPod Touch. Last but not least, in my parents’ bedroom, there’s an iPad, mobile phones, and a radio. I think there are around 10 media devices in my home. As you can see, I might not have as much media in my home, but they’re really important to me in everyday life. Thinking about it, media have influenced our lives in many ways. The use of media everyday created a habit of expected usage of media. Every time we use media, it injects a virus into our body, gradually building up an addiction and desire to want more. This is a bad thing, because it distracts us from schoolwork and will cause bad grades if we don’t have self-control. It can also prevent us from socializing with others. I feel like getting ready to be sent into prison, with no contact with the outer world at all. I also feel missing a HUGE piece of my life. What would I do without media? I told myself I would sleep to past my time as quickly as possible. Everyday when I come home from school, I will go on Facebook and game for an hour or so. After that, I will start using the laptop to do my homework for around two hours while botting (gaming in “auto-pilot” or AFK mode). While eating dinner, I will watch TV until I finish eating, and that is around an hour. After dinner, I will bot while I do my homework on the laptop for approximately four hours. In 24 hours, I used eight hours on media, and I think it’s okay. During the experiment, it was like four days without any water and food, or fasting. Every time my parents switched on the

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