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Nowadays media has become inseparable part of life. As everything has pros and cons even media has pros and cons. Media cons has become more dangerous for one’s life. Media effects are seen more among teenagers. It is changing beliefs and value in their life. Violence has increased dramatically in teenager’s life due to media. Excessive exposure to violence and aggression from movies, video games and music lead to aggressive behaviours in teenager’s lives. Media also shows teenagers the illusion of “perfection”. One of the main reason that increase violence in teens is violence in movies and video-games. The television is one of the biggest source of media and its effects. The television affects a teenager’s life very greatly, it makes them feel insecure and it also affects how they behave and it also portrays how a teenager “should” behave. The media on television constantly shows teenagers what a “perfect person” is like and how they behave and interact. The violence on TV shows and movies is a very big source of violence in teenagers. Media shows teenagers how to “handle” a conflict with violence. Video games on the other hand have been getting more violent than ever. The violence and gore in the video games recently has increased exponentially, for example a shooter game would make look killing to be fun and not to mention addictive. The graphics in the games enhance the violence more than ever. Most of the games today are violently-inclined towards the teenagers, thus making them more violent and making them thinking that killing is fun. All in all, movies and video games play a very important role as media making teenagers more violent and making them solve problems with violence. Media has a great influence on teenagers and encourage to take drugs and smoke, making it look like glamorous and healthy, which is not. Music videos recently have been showing
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