Media Essay

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In this essay, I will define what the media is and the role it plays in society. I will also discuss the role of the media in the diffusion of culture. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, tabloids, advertising as well as social networking has grown on us all, and has become routine in our daily lives. Collectively this is called the media. With development of new technologies and constant change, we are unable to easily define what the media is. Briefly the media can be described as a “source of information and knowledge” (Chiumbu 2013), which is accessible to the society regardless of social class. This making the media the main means of mass communication. Not only does the media entertain us, but informs society and creates awareness of political systems, “services the economic system, holds society together, act as public watchdog,” (Edu 2006) informs us of important global and local events and sets an agenda. The media gives us a voice and allows us to express our feelings towards different ideas and opinions. The media plays a big role in society as it is all around us and without it we would be unaware and isolated. The media has also played a big role in culture and culture diffusion. The media represents culture, and provides primary sources of definitions of social, reality and identity. Culture may be defined, as “a group of people who share the same ideas, customs, and social behavior. “ (Chiumbu, Media and Society Lecture 4 2013) Cultural diffusion may be described as the spreading of ideas or products from one culture to another. The term cultural diffusion can also mean when one culture “borrows an idea” (M 2010) from another culture. Cultural diffusion has three aspects. Direct diffusion, is when two cultures are different from each other, but at the same time, share a specific value or norm. This occurs through
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