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london college of communication | Media for Marketing and Advertising | Assignment 2 | | Ferdinand Prinz & Moritz Reiner BA Marketing & Advertising BAMA & Events | Issued by: Sue Niven-Spence 27/03/2011 In 2004, the German based company Coppenrath published the first ‘Prinzessin Lillifee’ book (Coppenrath, 2004). Like the phenomenon of Harry Potter, proximate merchandise and cinema launches as well as effective marketing and media planning guaranteed the fairy tale figure’s success. In accordance to the following theories and models, this essay examines organization, feasibility, opportunities and threats for Lillifee’s launch in the UK. Acting as media planning consultants, a company in the toy industry is advised to launch this new product range in the UK and a systematic media strategy outlined. As such, it aims to identify relevant media that is applicable to communicate the Prinzessin Lilli-fee product to a selected audience Moreover, key characteristics of various media are identified and analysed to effectively reach the target audience. Through demographic, psychological and behaviouristic segmentation, target segments are identified and their media usage and habits deducted. Furthermore, marketing objectives for this segment are discussed and competitors and their media strategies are analysed. Finally advertising objectives are set with appropriate media selection supported by a media flowchart including an overall budget, timings and a spending breakdown over the chosen period. Throughout the whole essay, all findings are underlined by relevant media theory and concepts from a broad range credible source. Marketing segments According to Croft (1994) market segmentation refers to the `process of identifying different groups of users within a market who could possibly be targeted with separate products or
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