Medellin: Doubt Into An Inspiration

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Sandra Y. Damko Instructor Mrs. Genova English 101 9 May 2012 Medellin: Doubt or Inspiration Traveling provides the benefit of exploring interesting places and giving pleasure through new experiences. In addition, it gives an individual firsthand knowledge of multicultural people inhabiting the world. For your next vacation you should consider Medellin (city), Anioquia (departamento-state), Colombia. Medellin is a fascinating and exiting place. The city of Medellin, the second most important city in Colombia, is also known as the Mountain Capital, City of Everlasting Spring, City of Flowers, and other nicknames. Visiting Medellin imparts practical knowledge of significant places, people, and historical events. Tourists may travel to open their hearts and eyes and learn more about other cultures. Medellin is a place to visit any time of the year. Travelers should visit Medellin because the people are good hosts, there are festive traditions, the art and culture are celebrated in public spaces and because Medellin is a budget-friendly destination. First, Medellin is the perfect place for anyone to visit because the people are terrific hosts. For example, kindness is fantastic quality of the Paisas (the correct nomenclature for a native of Medellin). Despite some assumptions of Medellin as being a haven for criminal activity and violence, the city is actually non-violent. The idea of Medellin being a haven for criminal activity is both dated and greatly exaggerated. The real city is filled with bright smiles, warm handshakes and helpful advice for anyone, especially those traveling to this wonderful city for an adventure. The adventures Medellin offers range from rock climbing to horseback riding. Wherever you are, Paisas are going to be there to help you find your way and enjoy yourself. My friend Scott, a seasoned traveler only packs a few pairs of jeans,

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