Medea's House of Persuasion Essay

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First produced in 431 BCE, Euripides’s Medea is a story of tragedy and revenge that is based off of the Greek myth of Jason and Medea. After finishing his quest for the Golden Fleece, fleeing to Corinth, and having two children together, Jason made the decision to leave Medea and marry into the royal family of Corinth. The play, Medea, takes place after Medea finds out about Jason leaving her. The play continues and tells the story of how she sought revenge on all who had done her wrong. One of Medea’s first interactions in the play is with the women of the Chorus. Medea delivers a speech laced with many different methods of persuasion such as sympathy, companionship, and a little bit of deceit. Medea first confronts the Chorus with strong emotions about her situation, and how other people act in situations like her own, “Many people act superior—I’m well aware of this. Some keep it private; some are arrogant in the public view” (Euripides 213-215). Medea wants to show the Chorus that, although her life is falling apart, she will not act superior to her friends. She proves this by being completely honest with the women on how she feels. Medea later admits, “Unexpected trouble has crushed my soul. It’s over now, I take no joy in life. My friends, I want to die” (226-228). During the time Medea was written it was considered betrayal when a husband left his wife for another woman. The Chorus came to Medea sympathizing for her. Medea takes comfort in knowing there is someone there to listen to her and to be on her side. Medea’s second technique, companionship, happens through many parts of her speech and this may be her most powerful method of persuasion. Medea mentions, “We must rely on just one single soul” (250) and refers to the Chorus as “my friends” (228). During the era this play was written in, women were expected to stay at home and to take care of the

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