Medea School Research Paper

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Ashequlla Qudratulla World Literature I Anival S Gonzalez JR 2/16/13 Medea School Version With a chemistry lab partner like Jason I had in Northwest Vista, I felt like I was unstoppable. We always had fun doing the labs, mixed random chemicals to get cool colors mixed up with bubbles, but one day he decided to leave me as his lab partner for Glauce for better grades on his labs. I was so angry with the actions of Jason for leaving me as his lab partner for someone else, we had two uncompleted labs we never got to finish that I had do it myself now. I got so angry doing the labs myself while Jason had fun with his new lab partner Glauce, I had to get even to what he did to me. People in class told me to let it go and move on but I felt
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