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“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Euripedes’ Medea embodies this quote from William Cosgrove’s play. Medea is a play that symbolizes feminism and the overturned of fate from a woman grieving in sorrow over the loss of her husband to another wife, to a man grieving in sorrow over the loss of his bride and children to Medea. The one thing about Euripedes’ play is there was a lot of word play to describe the situations and actions of one person, almost never giving a suspense of what is to come next. We knew ahead of time that Medea was bound to murder her children, which I thought should build a nice suspense to the play had it not been mentioned. In addition, the Corinth women and Nurse’s verbal argument to change Medea’s decision on killing her children almost seemed pitiful because despite evoking guilt and awareness of her outrageous actions, she proceeded to do it anyway. However the one scene that made it unsatisfying (was the scene after Medea murdered her children. The verbal argument between Jason and Medea almost seemed like child’s play, engaging in bickering on who was to blame like a Jerry Springer/Dr. Phil show. If Medea were to give the impression that she has won the battle, the bickering needs to be reduced. The scenes covered are from line 1380 till the end. The scenes altered are meant to give a more suspenseful climax, and more depth for some of the characters. The plot scenery is based off from the Medea film in class syllabus. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Medea would initially wear a light grey, earthy greek dress, more situated for home wear. Medea should look like a mature woman who has wept for days, but still relay the fact that she has the look of a goddess. [line 1380 onwards, after Chorus’s lament] Nurse should come in here and increase the argument

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