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Christian Commander June 16, 2014 Response to Medea Medea is the wife of Jason, but she is being cheated on. Jason found himself a new mistress who just so happens to be the King’s daughter. Now, Jason and Medea have two children who Jason is just leaving behind. Because Jason is seeing the King’s daughter, the King is exiling Medea. However, he becomes a little soft hearted, after seeing how upset and sad that she is, and is giving Medea the opportunity of one day to pack and get out of his city. Medea doesn’t know what she is going to do with her children because she doesn’t think she will be able to take them with her. She begins plotting out some type of revenge to pull on Jason and comes up with the idea to murder he mistress. She will accomplish this by offering her a gift of a dress/gown and a crown that will be covered with poison. So, wants she comes in contact with these two objects she will pass. Her plan starts with telling Jason to take the children to his mistress for them to keep, and the children are going to be the ones with the gifts. They produce the gifts to Jason’s mistress and she dreadfully puts them on because she wasn’t too fond on taking the children in the first place. Shortly after, the effect of the poison start to kick in and slowly takes her life away. The King hears word of this and rushes to see his perished daughter; where at this point, the grief starts to take over his body. He became so sad and lost without his daughter that he kills himself by his own hand. Thus, leaving his family dead on the floor next to each other. Medea hears word of this from a messenger, and decides she needs to act fast before her cheating husband arrives at her door. She comes to the conclusion of killing her own children before anyone else has the opportunity to. That way since she brought them into this world she was going to be the one to take

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