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Guidelines for Updating Medical Staff Bylaws: Credentialing and Privileging Physician Assistants (Adopted 2012) Executive Summary of Policy Contained in this Paper Summaries will lack rationale and background information, and may lose nuance of policy. You are highly encouraged to read the entire paper. AAPA believes that Physician assistants must seek delineation of their clinical privileges and that the process must be outlined in medical staff bylaws. Physician assistants should be members of the medical staff. Medical staff bylaws should require that each physician assistant be granted clinical privileges regardless of whether the PA is an employee of a practice or of the hospital. The criteria for delineating PA clinical privileges should be specified in the bylaws. AAPA opposes specialty certification examinations as a requirement for physician assistant credentialing or privileging. Duration of appointments and privileges should be the same for physicians and physician assistants. Bylaws should give physician assistants the right to due process when actions taken by the medical staff or governing board adversely affect his or her clinical privileges. The criteria and process for disciplining physician assistants should be spelled out in the bylaws. The process should involve PA peers and conform to the process applied to physicians Bylaws should provide mechanisms to carry out quality assurance with respect to PAs. Peer review of PAs should be conducted by peers – ideally, other PAs in the same area of clinical specialty. Bylaws should require PA participation in continuing medical education that relates to their practice and their privileges. Bylaws should allow PA representation on medical staff committees, including the medical executive committee. -1- Guidelines for Updating Medical Staff Bylaws: Credentialing and Privileging PAs Bylaws should

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