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1 Applied Mechanical Eng. First Year CCE 125 "Theoretical: 2 hrs./week. Tutorial: 1hrs./week. STATIC 1- Two and Three Dimensional Force Systems: * Rectangular Components * Moments and Couples. * Resultant of Force Systems 2- Equilibrium in Two and Three Dimensions: * Free body Diagram and Reactions. * Equilibrium Conditions. 3- Friction * Static and Kinetic Dry Friction. * Tipping Force. 4-Centroid and Center of Gravity * Composite Bodies (Centroid of Plates) 5- 2nd Moment of Area STRENGTH OF MATERIALS 6- Simple Stresses and Strains * Hook's Law. * Poisson's Ratio. * Statically indeterminate Beams. 7- Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams: 8-Bending Stresses in Beams: 9- Torsion of Circular Sections: DYNAMICS 10- Kinematics of Particles Rectilinear Motion. * * * Projectiles. Normal and Tangential Components. 12 (Hrs) 6 (Hrs) 4 (Hrs) 4 (Hrs) 4 (Hrs) 4(Hrs) 4 (Hrs) 2 (Hrs) 4 (Hrs) 8 (Hrs) 11- Kinetics of Particles * Newton's 211d Law * Work and Energy. 12- Relative Motion 6 (Hrs) 4 (Hrs) 2 FORCE SYSTEMS CHAPTER OUTLINE 1/1 Introduction 1/2 Force SECTION A. Two-Dimensional Force Systems 1/3 Rectangular Components 1/4 Moment 1/5 Couple 1/6 Resultants SECTION B. Three-Dimensional Force Systems 1/7 Rectangular Components 1/8 Moment and Couple 1/9 Resultants Chapter Review 1/1 INTRODUCTION In this and the following chapters, we study the effects of forces which act on engineering structures and mechanisms. The experience gained here will help you in the study of mechanics and in other subjects such as stress analysis, design of structures and machines, and fluid flow. This chapter lays the foundation for a basic understanding not only of statics but also of the entire subject of mechanics, and you should master this material thoroughly. 1/2 FORCE Before dealing with a group or system of forces, it is necessary to examine the

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