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Statement of Purpose Mechanical engineering is one of the most versatile technical branches due to the fact that the overall knowledge which can be developed by studying the concepts has no bounds. A student who has completed Mechanical Engineering is well versed in a number of technologies used in the manufacturing sector and has the best practical know how among all. The concepts which have been around since a long time and will surely be around in the future as well, give him the cutting edge against the competition. I wish to apply for the Master’s course in Mechanical Engineering so as to be able to tap into this vast resource of information and gain knowledge which I can then apply in my career. My passion of cars, aero planes and machines in general has been one of the biggest influences in me choosing this career as my future path. Whenever I used to watch a racing event it used to electrify me with the experience that it provided. I used to analyze what I saw and used to wonder how these vehicles got such extraordinary power and what exactly the mechanics behind it are. This made me want to learn more about the…show more content…
The syllabus included subjects like Heat & Mass Transfer , Fluid Mechanics , Vibrations , Mathematics , Machine Design , Thermodynamics , to name a few. These subjects are the base for any person who wishes to become a mechanical engineer. Hence the undergraduate course has made me technically sound and introduced me to the field of mechanical engineering and its various uses. Apart from the curriculum I have also learnt engineering softwares such as CATIA, SolidWorks, ProE etc. to be future ready in the industry. After gaining this crucial knowledge it is an obvious choice for me to choose for the Master’s course in Mechanical engineering so as to further enhance my knowledge and become a trained expert with a good career in the

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