Mechanic Needed Essay

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Willie A. Magby Thesis Statement: Skills are important if you need a Mechanic. I. The cheapest form of labor I can find to work on my vehicles is the Crack Head mechanic, but his skills are questionable. A. His shop is none existent. B. His tools will be antiquated and rusty. C. This will be a rush job; because he wants to get back to the crack house. D. The parts will be the cheap or stolen. E. The labor cost won’t be over five dollars. II. The Shade Tree mechanic has some skills, and he will work cheap. A. His best work is done in the summer under the shade tree. B. The tool bin at dollar general is where he bought his tools (cheap). C. Don’t expect him to finish in a timely manner. D. Auto zone is his favorite store for parts. E. A six-pack and twenty will cover the labor. . III. The Home Garage mechanic have some known skills, but he can be problematic. A. A home garage is just what it says, “A home garage.” B. He goes to Sears to buy tools he will never use. C. To this mechanic time is not a factor. D. The he parts purchased will be top of the line. E. Don’t expect this repair to be cheap. IV. The A.S.E. (auto service excellence) Certified mechanics skills are Accredited, but he is very expensive. A. His shop is filled with state of that art equipment. B. The Snap-on tools are the most expensive in the business. C. Time will be of the essence, because that is how he gets paid. D. The parts will be O.E.M. (original equipment manufacturer). E. A small loan might be needed to pay to pay for the cost of the repair. Thrills or Skills The greatest asset I will ever own besides my house, is

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