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Khang Tra 3rd period 09-09-2012 Final Automotive service Technicians and Mechanics The job I want to do is, to be an automotive service technicians and mechanics. I picked this job because I get to do what I like everyday of my life. Also, I get paid really well for doing this job and I get really good benefits. Plus, I don’t have to do anything hard for this job and I just need a high school diploma to get this job. Every morning I wake up and what motivate me is, that I get to fixed car. Sometime, I get to see many different cars that come in that I never see before. Plus, I get to fix it. Also, I get to do what I like in my life. Also, I get to talk to other peoples at work. Sometime, I get to do a project by myself. That is why I want to do this job. Being an automotive service technicians and mechanics, I get paid $17.21 per hour. In one year total, I will get paid $35,790. When I become a member, I don’t have to paid a lot to fix my car, because I could fix it myself. Plus, the compensation I will receive is, I get more benefits than non-union workers do. One more thing is that, I get to work in the nice air conditioned place. That means I won’t be sweaty at work. To get this job, I only have to get a preparation for the training. All I need to know is how to works the computer and know all the part of the car. Also, I need to know English and other necessary skills. To get this job, I don’t have to have a college degree. All I need to get this job is to have a high school diploma. Since I get to do what I want to do I love it already. Plus, I get paid well for this job and lot of benefits. So I won’t have to worry about my money and other things about myself. Also, I don’t have to be very smart to be an automotive service technicians and mechanic. I’m glad that I chose this job to

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