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MACBETH ESSAY ‘IT IS ARGUED THAT IT WAS MACBETH’S AMBITION THAT PROPELLED HIM TOWARDS THE FINAL TRAGEDY. OTHERS ARGUE THAT IT WAS MORE ABOUT LADY MACBETH’S AMBITION FOR HER HUSBAND. DISCUSS. Shakespeare’s Macbeth explores the catastrophic story a brave and valiant soldier and his brutal ambition that pushes him ‘towards the final tragedy’. The protagonist Macbeth is perceived as a noble warrior who wants nothing more than to serve the king, but through his ambition and the encouragement of his wife his sites shift from serving the king to being the king. Macbeth is described as ruthless in battle, and his ruthlessness is translated into his daily life. The ruthlessness he displays can be seen as a direct consequence of his vaulting ambition, which is Macbeths tragically fatal flaw. He is flawed by his own nature, and it is his flaw that ‘propelled’ him to commit the most unnatural deeds. Many people play a role in pushing Macbeth into his inevitable fate including the three witches and Lady Macbeth, but in the end, it was ‘Macbeth’s ambition that propelled him towards the final tragedy’. Macbeth is represented in as a very deceiving man, both towards his subject and towards himself; as he views himself as both loyal to the king and at the same time an ambitious usurper. It was not Macbeth’s destiny to kill his cousin king Duncan, but a conscious choice that he was forced to make. Unfortunately, through his ‘vaulting ambition’ he blinded from reality and chooses unfavourably, and in doing so he losses any form of humanity that he once possessed. As the play progresses Macbeth digs deeper into his grave of demise, and with him trails lady Macbeth in her distorted reality. Their decent into madness further highlights that juxtaposition between humanity and the supernatural, as Lady Macbeth follows her crazed husband into a state of inhumanity; reminiscent of the

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