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Carlton Coleman February 14, 2013 Dr Gavin Shulz Meatless Monday: Invitation to A Bean Feast It is true that many people suffer from obesity. The author says she is a vegan and that is a healthy lifestyle choice. The author believes that with the current environment there is a food shortage and suggest that now is the time to go vegan. Ellen Kanner says “we have a billion people suffering from obesity and obesity related illness, another billion suffering from a lack of food”(Kanner). However, going vegan is not the answer to this problem. There are many people who eat meat and are not obese. What would happen to the farmers who raise livestock for consumption if everyone was to go vegan. How will they make a living. The writer says “the most revolutionary thing we can do is consider taking meat—and chicken off the menu. But that is not a solution to a food shortage. Certainly eating beans is a healthy meal at a low budget. Nevertheless there are many ways to prepare meat in a healthy way as well. Like baking chicken instead of frying. As a result of proper preparation of meat as well as promoting more veggies in our diets we can become healthier. Ellen Kanner said” It doesn't take much of a leap in logic to say no one should be harmed. Including animals (Kanner). There are other sources of protein such as beans. The writer makes a valid point about being a vegan. One of those reasons being cost. At a time when there is a food shortage and rising food prices, we need affordable food. Ellen Kanner says “have a bean feast and you have a low-cost, low-carbon banquet that feeds everyone. Therefore being a vegan will stretch your money further. Work Cited Ellen Kanner “Meatless Monday: Invitation to A Bean Feast” Huff Post Food February 14,

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