Measuring Performance in Operations Essay

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Melodie Farber Operations Management Measuring Performance in Operations 01/19/14 Author’s Note: Measuring Performance in Operations– Operations Management Assignment at Rasmussen College The employee turnover rate is very high. This information is going to help the manager get ideas to help the employees to see why they are leaving. He can get better training for the employees for their job and they might not be as stressed doing their job. The productivity per hour is very high except for month six. This is great but probably could be higher if the company had more customers and the employees were better trained. Every job is stressful but I am sure there are ways to make it less stressful. The cost per unit is high so the manager is going to have to more cost effective and get the cost of unit down. Yes, these performances are linked. If the employee turnover rate was down, the cost of unit was down and the productivity was higher, the company would be more effective and more efficient with their work. The production would be work at the max; the customers would be happier and spread the word. The Greyhound Insurance Company would get more customers and the employees would be busy all the time. Causes of high turnover within a company include lack of communication between staff and management, lack of resources and support within the organization for employees, imbalanced assigning of tasks and responsibilities, lack of appropriate training and a less-than-desirable physical work setting. A solution could be a higher pay rate, maintain an open door policy, communication with all employees and management teams of the different shifts. (Belcher) I think the first step would fix the system so the customer complaints would be less. Also, better training for the employees to be able to handle the customer complaints better. This would make
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