Measuring Crime Essay

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Measuring Crime Paper CJA/204 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) is one way that crime is measured. Uniform Crime Report (UCR) uses only crimes that have been reported to police. Every major crime is added together that have been reported to the police who takes these and reports them to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who publishes these findings. National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) is another way used to measure crime. The National Crime Victimization (NCVS) does not report murder crimes because the victim cannot report this crime, and it does not report drug related crimes because no victim is reporting. It had become clear that not all crimes were reported to police. So if more accurate counts of crimes were to be measured scientific surveys from the population would have to be conducted asking people taking the survey if he or she had ever been a victim of a crime. Reported offenses are used by statisticians as a way of measuring crime. A list of 50 offenses is listed that respondents check one or more he or she may have committed the year preceded. However, the most measure of crime value comes from crimes known by the police. This is because these crimes are the closest procedurally from the crime committed and probably they are the closest to the official crime statistic could ever be. Crimes officially recorded whether by arrest, conviction, prosecution or imprisonment, the latter is considered the representative of acceptable and former crime measurement. From the nineteenth century to the twentieth century practitioners and scholars used the assumption that the true measure of crime in society was judicial statistics. In addition, there are some drawbacks to using arrest to measure crime. This is because it does not reflect numbers of people who could have been arrested more than once in the same year. Of course with crime
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