Measurement of Earth's Magnetic Field Essay

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Measurements of the Earth’s Magnetic Field Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract It is widely known that all planetary bodies possess magnetic field, and so does the earth. The paper provides a report concerning the way the earth’s magnetic field can be measured. As such, the report will take into consideration the horizontal component that plays a significant role in the earth’s magnetic field. The horizontal component, BH, can be measured by use of very simple apparatus and, in its turn, can be used in the determination of the earth’s magnetic field. The earth’s magnetic field is at times referred to as the geomagnetic field. This phenomenon refers to the magnetic field that can be felt from the solar wind meeting point and the interior point of the earth (McElhinny and McFadden 2000). Therefore, the result is brought about charged particles that are in the form of a stream coming down from the sun. When accessed from the surface of the earth, the magnetic field of the earth constitutes a range between 25-65 microteslas. This magnitude can be compared to the magnetic field dipole that has been positioned with reference to the rotational axis of the earth, inan inclination of 10 degrees with it (Merrill 2010). The difference consists in the fact that the magnetic field of the earth has the tendency of changing in the course of time, since it comes from a geodynamo (McElhinny and McFadden 2000). Thus, the ordinary compasses can never be of any use in navigation, if the North magnetic pole does not keep its constant movement. In addition, on an average of hundred thousand years, they seem to be reversed in the positions, held by both the South and North Magnetic Poles, since they switch positions. Such type of the pole reversals tends to have

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