Measure for Measure Act 3 Summary

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“Measure for Measure” Act 3 Summary In the prison, the duke, disguised as a friar, attempts to comfort Claudio and prepare him for his death with assurances of the ephemerality of life. The duke exits when Isabella arrives on the scene to tell Claudio of Angelo's treachery and her inability to save him. When he begs her to meet Angelo's demands, Isabella upbraids him and leaves in anger. The duke, having eavesdropped on their conversation, returns to tell the prisoner that Angelo's offer was no more than a test: The execution is inevitable. The duke then goes apart with Isabella to suggest a plan that he declares will save Claudio and be of some help to Mariana. The latter, betrothed to Angelo, was deserted by him when her dowry was lost in a shipwreck. Mariana, if she consents, will be a substitute for Isabella in meeting Angelo's demands. Isabella agrees to the plan. The duke finds Pompey being led off to prison by the constable, Elbow. When Lucio arrives on the scene, Pompey appeals to him to take his part, but that gentleman merely condemns him further, refusing even to go bail for him. Elbow leads Pompey away, and Lucio launches into an attack on the duke's own virtue. The duke challenges him to repeat his remarks to the duke's face when he has returned. Lucio leaves, uttering still more damning remarks. Escalus now comes on the scene with Mistress Overdone in custody. Convinced that Lucio has informed against her, she charges him with getting a bawd with child and failing on his promise to marry her. In discussion with Escalus after she has departed, the duke claims to be a friar of another country, come to Vienna on special church business. He questions Escalus about the duke and hears his praises. Having discussed Claudio's state of mind on the eve of his execution, Escalus exits and the duke delivers a soliloquy on the subject of false

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