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Maestro Take Home Essay “Growing up in Australia consists of learning things about ourselves and others and this is not always pleasant. How far is this true of Paul’s experiences in Maestro and ONE related text of your own choosing?” Maturation in Australia’s unique society is developed through learning the truth about oneself and the others associated with them. Whether these realisations are pleasant or brutally unpleasant, they are always beneficial in one’s journey of maturation. Peter Goldsworthy’s Maestro is a bildungsroman which displays this inevitable quest through the perspective of Paul Crabbe, a young male. He is naïve and pubescent, growing both physically and mentally throughout the novel. In the film Strictly Ballroom, however, the protagonist Scott Hastings has already passed puberty but still continues to mature mentally. In both instances, the texts demonstrate their character’s gaining of knowledge about their sexuality and the path of true love through their intimate relationships, the quest for perfection through their chosen hobbies and the acceptance of different races through Australia’s various ethnicities. In Maestro the reader is taken on a journey of Paul’s maturing sexuality and his path of true love through his experiences with Rosie and Megan. On page 32, Goldsworthy writes “It was the feel of her soft, thick hair that woke me one late May morning, hard and pulsating at the waist, the bed sheets sticky with a strange pale honey”. Comparing Paul’s semen to honey through use of a metaphor reflects his immaturity and his inexperience with his sexual desires, as well as his naïve understanding of intimate relationships. This lustful relationship with the aesthetically pleasing Megan aids in Paul’s growth in understanding of true love when compared with his relationship with the less attractive Rosie. His juxtaposing experiences

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