Measles Vaccine Persuasive Essay

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Nadene Barker Issue Proposal- Revised How Mandatory Vaccination Will Curb the Spread of measles Measles is a highly contagious disease for which there is an available vaccine. It is transmitted in the air through coughing and sneezing. At present there is an outbreak of the disease that is preventable if parents vaccinate their children. Should the measles vaccine be mandatory? Should parents be held responsible for failing to get their children vaccinated? How will mandatory measles vaccination curb the spread of the disease? In my decision to become a nurse, one of my greatest fear was getting sick with some incurable or fatal disease my patients had. I decided to become a nurse thinking that by a certain in the future these avoidable disease would be easily eradicate. This have proven to be untrue because although the vaccines are available, they are not mandatory and some parents do not believe in vaccinations for various reasons. One main concern of many parents is that the vaccine causes neurologic damages to children which has not been scientifically proven. With sufficient education this fear can be overcome. The vaccine available for measles…show more content…
These two are mumps and rubella. Combining three vaccines into one will eliminate the time it takes for parents to visit clinics for the vaccines as well the needle sticks or inconvenience and pain of the injections. Many parents object to immunization for rare childhood diseases of which measles is included. I think a lot of this resentment of vaccinations have to do with lack of education. The first dose of the measles vaccine must be given at the beginning of the first year and continue till the child is six years old. Parents have to be educated before birth to know what is expected and the outcome if children are not

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